Parameters for Going Green in Urban Areas


Challenges faced by a rapidly Urbanizing India

The biggest challenge facing the rapidly urbanizing India is the “Redistribution of available urban resources” for better social and economic development

  • To make modification in land use that adapts to future growth so that the new development does not seem haphazard.
  • To integrate the socio-cultural values with the built form for urban character. Especially in culturally diverse set up like India.
  • To assimilate modern transport systems with the urban built form keeping in mind the rapid growth of urban population.
  • Sensitive amalgamation of old and the new keeping in mind the polity of right to co-exist.
  • To be able to predict the increase in population density correctly and provide them with the basic amenities.
  • Pump in of infrastructural requirements that shall be have to meet with the extra inflow of migrants from the surrounding areas.
  • Safety and security of the newly expanded town.