The new brain wave that seems to be the best solution to the density problem of this part of East Asia is going vertical. Focusing on creating a housing structure that would not only meet the needs of Indians looking for adequate housing, but to create a vertical city equipped with all the public spaces and resources needed to give way to a comfortable living environment and lively social pole.

The  goal of this very exercise is to breathe a higher level of quality into the design – as opposed to other developments which focus on efficiency over comfort. The studio to villa size apartments will be  designed according to an analysis of modern Indian housing standards, featuring cascading balconies and emphasizing naturally ventilated service spaces. Projects like these  introduce lost qualities to mass-housing: increased density combined with amenities, public facilities, parks and a mix of inhabitants.

The success of this new building type depends on the level at which it may be implemented and the possible government  support that it may find. Most urban planners agree that this might be a drastic measure  but a successful measure to deal with the growing density. If this concept of construction is to catch on this shall be a defining moment of urban renewal in India as a country all together.